The project is funded by the European Community’s
Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement
No. HEALTH-F2-2010-241909 (Project EU-GEI).
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Training Videos

EU-GEI training videos available for external researchers

The EU-GEI project has selected a set of assessment instruments for multi-level diagnosis of subjects (phenotypes and intermediate phenotypes), environmental factors and course determinants.
Via an online training tool EU-GEI researchers are trained in the use of the instruments.

Part of the training (instructional videos and/or videotaped interviews) is now open to researchers outside the EU-GEI project. The following training is available:

CAARMS: instruction video, training video, reliability measurement, NEURAPRO vignette

Combined Social Scales: Sociodemographis Schedules, List of Threatening Experiences, Childhood Experiences of Care and Abuse, Bullying Questionnaire, Discrimination - Brief Impact of Events - Social Assessment tool

GAF: training video

OPCRIT: training video

PAS: instruction video

Cannabis Experience Questionnaire: instruction video

PsyMate: video of lecture

Shortened WAIS: instruction video

SIR-R IRR: instruction video

In order to use the training facilities you need to obtain a username and password.
For login details, please contact