The project is funded by the European Community’s
Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement
No. HEALTH-F2-2010-241909 (Project EU-GEI).
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The project has produced two tools which are available for you to use. The tools provide guidelines and recommendations regarding:
- the organization of a user-led study on stigma resilience
- the organization of a web-based Training Program in multi-center, international psychosis research


A web-based Training Program in multi-center, international psychosis research
Quality of research depends on the quality of the data. Working with numerous researchers from different disciplines and countries, and using a wide array of instruments, is challenging. To generalize and compare findings across centers and countries, a key issue in multi-center research is the absolute need for uniformity in experimental procedures and experimenter behavior. To this means, we construed an extensive, repetitious training procedure and reliability check based on a web-based training program.

to open the tool on a web-based training program click HERE


A user-led study on stigma resilience:
experiences and recommendations for future user research
This tool describes how a user-led study can be organized. It is written from the perspective of an expert by experience.
EU-GEI Work Package 7 included a user-led stigma project on stigmatization in psychosis conducted at the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology of Maastricht University. The topic of stigma is considered to be very important by service users with various mental health complaints. This is an important reason for conducting research on this topic with implications for the service user’s daily life.
Since stigma - stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination - is hard to tackle, it is important to focus on what one can do his or herself to cope with stigma and diminish the negative consequences it can have on the individual, and on his or her family and the society as a whole as well.
In this report experiences and activities of two projects are described: Attritude and D-STIGMI (Destigmatizing Mental Illness). Focus is on the various ways in which service users/experts by experience were involved in both projects. Recommendations for future user-led studies are summarized.

to open the tool on the user-led study on stigma-resilience click HERE