The project is funded by the European Community’s
Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement
No. HEALTH-F2-2010-241909 (Project EU-GEI).
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Recruitment numbers of EU-GEI

The core research in EU-GEI has been with human patients groups, their families and healthy adults. In order to study the impact of genetic, environmental and clinical predictors for the onset, severity and course of schizophrenia the project had set high goals at the start of the project.

Our ambition to recruit 10.000 subjects has nearly been reached due to the very hard work of the researchers at the different EU-GEI and affiliated sites. We have succeeded in recruiting 9.878 subjects! A number we would not have been able to reach without the perseverance of our researchers ánd the enthusiasm and commitment of our subjects!

Thank you for your contribution to the EU-GEI project!

Click here for the total and final numbers of subjects per site and country in the Work Packages 2, 5 and 6.