The project is funded by the European Community’s
Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement
No. HEALTH-F2-2010-241909 (Project EU-GEI).
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External Scientific Advisory Board (ESAB)

The members of the ESAB group are international scientists and independent lay experts in the field of schizophrenia (from research institutes, universities and industry) as well as stakeholders interested in schizophrenia, such as ENUSP: the European Network for Users and Survivors in Psychiatry, EUFAMI: the European Federation of Families and Persons with Mental Illness, and the European Psychiatric Association.

Expertises of ESAB members are:

  • genetic, clinical and environmental determinants, as well as their interactions, involved in the development, severity and outcome of schizophrenia
  • family-based, multidisciplinary study paradigms in psychiatry
  • translation of results from the scientific desk to the clinical practice and vice versa, through e.g. experimental research and risk assessment bioinformatics
  • affinity with schizophrenia patients of their families

The tasks of the ESAB have included studying and reporting on specific strategic matters regarding EU-GEI activities, and advising on dissemination and innovation matters of the project outcomes/
The members of the ESAB have been appointed by the Executive Board of the EU-GEI project.